Monday, January 23, 2006

Sunday at the pool

This Sunday, Dave and I met up with the South Sound Area Kayakers at the Shelton, Wa pool. We all spent 2 hours practicing rolls, wet exits and to re enter our boats. I wish I had pictures of this but I was busy trying to learn how to get back into my kayak by myself as well as getting on the back of the boat to enter it that way too. I am proud to say that I managed to do these things so now I feel a bit better that I might be able to do this on my own if I went out paddling with others when Dave was not with us to help me in my boat.
Afterwards we went out to eat with a few of them and we had a great time just sharing paddling stories.
While we were driving there I did see a couple yarn shops I would like to check out when I go back to that area again.

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vi said...

one of my friends becky is a kayaker....IN WASHINGTON state no less
so if you meet up with a really crazy lady named becky.....
who is a massage therapist.....that would be my friend becky