Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Baby blanket beginings

This is the start of a continuous granny square baby blanket. I have been working on it off and on for a week. The yarn is a red heart yarn called ocean. I think it is a pretty color for a baby boy.

I have to have it ready for the Mom by the end of March.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Camping at Ike Kinswa

We left on Friday afternoon loaded up with our kayaks and trailer to Ike Kinswa state park. This is our 1st trip camping in our fifth wheel trailer. We had to go to Seattle the day before to pick up the racks at SRK so we could take our kayaks as we were going to meet up with some of the South Sound Area Kayakers on Saturday to paddle around Mayfield lake. According to Terry West the POC we went a total of 11 miles. It was really beautiful as there were waterfalls along the way. We had a camp site on the lake so all we had to do was put our boats in the water and meet up with them across the lake at the boat ramp. As you can see above there was a beautiful scenes from our camp site and the way we had to put our kayaks on our truck.

New paddles

Dave made my grandson Keegan and I greenland paddles.

We went out to test drive mine and once I got use to it I really enjoyed paddling with it.

We went to the boat ramp in Port Orchard to paddle and once we got near Gorst there were tons of jelly fish and I felt like I was flipping pancakes instead of paddling!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Febuary sock of the month

I have joined the Knit and Chat on delphi forums sock of the month. This is the 1st sock for the month of Febuary. Actually it is my 1st completed adult sock. It is a tube sock done in a rib stitch pattern. I am going to give the completed set to my daughter Dawn for her birthday later this month.

Amy is my lovely model for this picture :)

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Baby gift set

I made this cute set for a friend's daughter. The hat and socks are the easiest I have made to date. I am sure I will be making more of these during the year because I know of at least 2 more babies that have yet to be born.

The background is a table runner I crocheted for use on our kitchen island.

Here she is.............

Raidan Lily, she is almost 6 months old and a bundle of fun. She is wearing a hat I made for her using red heart yarn.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

My felting adventure

Now that the holidays are over I decided to dig into felting. I have been inspired by Cat Bordhi's Treasury of magical knitting so much so I got her 2nd treasury of magical knitting. I seen a pattern for a coffee cup cozy on Knit and chat at Delphi forums. Being as I have a hard time holding on to those esspresso cups as the burn my fingers, even with the card board ring around them I thought that this is what I wanted to make for me.

Something quick and easy right???? This is a crochet pattern so I had to look up the stitch so I could make it then I was on my way.
Once it was done it was huge but I just figured it would shrink down to the right size once it was washed. If you look to the right and see that curly fuzzy round thing you will see what it looked like once it was felted. So I decided I liked it though cuz it reminded me of myself. I have been having some memory issues lately and so I named this my Fuzzy brain. Later I plan on adding some beads to it to make it sparkle.

I then bought some more yarn and tried it again but this time I did my own pattern that worked out just fine for me. I made mine with the ruffle and Dave's is just a round as I really don't think he would wanted a ruffle on his.

I used a j hook
ch st 28 joined it together
ch st 2 then hdc in the next st
join then repeat till you have 8 rows.
rows 9 to 11
you ch st 2 then 2 hdc in each stitch.
(If you don't want a ruffle stop at row 8)
This makes your ruffle then bind off.

Toss it in washer add a little bit of detergent
Set on lowwatter /hot water setting.
with tennis balls to help aggitate your cozies.