Monday, February 27, 2006

Pretty knitting needles

I finally got around to making up the needles for knitting
multidirectional scarf.

I had borrowed the book, Modular knits by Iris Schreier from my local library. In the book it says to take dpn's and add something at the top to keep the stitches from falling off the needle's. So I found some polymer clay bead's that I got in a swap, then I glued them on.

I think they look pretty nice if I do say so myself.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Circle of friends

Circle of friend's

I finished my project for this month for the Bead Art Exploration. It is a bracelet that I have called "Circle of friends". The beads in it remind me of a song that my daughter's camp fire group use to sing at the end of the meeting.
If I remember it correctly it goes something like this.

Make new friends but keep the old one is silver and the other is gold.

That's about all I can remember but I was thinking about the lesson for this month and this song came to mind.

So once I finished this bracelet that I was just making for myself it all came together for me in my mind. It is made with magnet beads that I had bought at Ellen's lbs while I was there with her a couple week ends ago and turquoise cathedral beads. I have some friends who have very magnetic personalities and some that real gems in my life and they are my "circle of friends."

Edited to add:
The magnetic beads are suppose to help with arthritis pain which I have problems with my right wrist so that is where it is going to be worn.

Have a happy week, Helaine

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Learning to spindle

I now have a spindle but I did not know how to use it. This lead me to looking for ways to learn how to use it before I get my shetland wool back.
So I joined the "Spindler's" yahoogroup, on there I met Heidi from The Artful Ewe. She told me of the local spinning guilds and the fact that she will have people over on Wednesday to try out spinning wheels at her place. There was going to be someone there who could help me learn how to use my spindle!!!
This was pretty cool as there was wool, books, wheels, looms and spindles everywhere I turned. I got to watch people on spinning wheels and see some different wheels in action. I got the help I needed plus some yummy wool to turn into yarn and a spindle to try out at home. So much fun and so little time to do it in.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Unusual pin from Ellen

On the Bead Art Exploration for January, we had to do an unusual project. It had to be made with something unusal. So Ellen made hers with lichen and beads. Here is the one she made for me at the retreat this last week end. She is so sweet to suprise me like that. I was sitting next to her the whole time she was making it LOL Then she gives it to me!

Monday, February 06, 2006

Woman's PJ retreat week end with Ellen

This is what I made this last week end while I was at the woman's pj retreat week end with my friend Ellen. This year was a bit different as there was a huge storm heading our way early Saturday. We woke up to no power with huge winds that had gusts up to 60 mph. From where we were sitting in the craft area we could see huge waves and the trees were swirling around.
We worked on our projects and mine was a felted cap by the time I got done with it. I had started it at home by wet felting around a tennis ball. Once I had finished tossing it around in the dryer I cut it in half to get the ball out. I used seeds from a necklace I have had for a very long time and an assortment of beads. On the top is a felted ball that I beaded before I had attached it to the cap. On another note there has been mention that it would look cool as a "boobie cup" instead of a cap for a doll. Hehehee