Sunday, July 27, 2008

How my garden grows

My 1st picture is of my black hollyhock flowers, below them I have some black violets which will fill out the area under them. 2nd picture is of my giant pumpkin plant. At this time there is 20 blooms with a few starts of pumpkins. 3rd picture is of my zuccini plant......we are going to be having some zuccini bread this fall. The last picture is of my chamomile plant. I grow them this way each year for my tea blend of peppermint, chamomile and lemon balm.

My favorite chickens

Today I interduced my birds to scratch and they all went after it then I went to the back yard and gathered some of my never ending supply of weeds for them to eat.

These are my favorite chickens out of the 6 that I got from Del's. They are really growing fast! The other 3 chickens kind of look scruffy looking so I am not sure if this 3 is the hens and the other 3 are the roosters. I guess I could post their pictures on back yard chickens to find out what the experts think.

Monday, July 14, 2008

They look like chickens

They are 7 weeks old now and they have all their feathers in. The chicken you see by my shadow is the boss chicken which I suspect is a rooster. They share the coop with the ducks now, the ducks have the lower part and they all fly up to the upper level to sleep at night. All day long they peck and scratch around in the pen we made for them to stay in.