Monday, November 02, 2009

Goat cheese

Last week end I went out to see Vicky in Hansville. She now has a creamery that she sells her goats milk from. I have been wanting to make cheese for a while so I bought some of her goats milk. Once I got all the stuff together to make it, I thought it would be easy. Well I had to email Vicky a few times. My 1st problem was this morning there was no curds just milk. Vicky suggested that I add more rennet. Which worked. So after dinner I wrapped up my curds so they can drain for a few hours. Once that is done then I can put the cheese in a container and tomorrow morning I want to add some chives and garlic. I also hope to get pictures of the finished product and have some comments on how it tastes. So stay tuned as the cheese turns :D