Friday, January 20, 2006

My 1st ramble

Welcome to my blog

I hope to share my thoughts and some of my creative work.
I just started knitting this fall. I love working with fiber and fabric. It has actually taken over for now my bead work. The scarf is the 1st project I have finished as well as a fisherman's scarf I made for my step dad but I did not have time to take a picture of it because I needed to send it to them for Christmas 5 days later .

Then after that I finished a crochet bracelet that ended up going to my daughter Julie. I finished this for the bead art expoloration project for the month of December. Actually I finished it at the beginning of January.

This last week end I went to Port Angeles to meet my hubby and some friends of ours to go paddling. I stopped 1st to meet my friend Illaya at the Mingled yarn in Sequim. This is a lovely yarn shop next door to a country store and garden shop right off the hwy. We spent at least 1 hour drooling over the yarn . Illaya bought some lovely fiber to keep her busy for a while. I bought some 2nd time cotton yarn that is really beautiful in maroon with some dark purple running thru it. I also bought some brittany needles. I spent the time I was not in my kayak that week end knitting up a wash cloth. I plan on buying more of this yarn as I really liked working with it. I think there is enough to make another wash cloth too.

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trek said...

Congratulations on being anwe knitter!