Saturday, June 14, 2008

outside in the big cage

Today I put them in this big cage I got from craigslist. Like anything else they huddle together then once they see it is ok then they set about to check out the sights. The close up is to see how the feathers are growing in now and she is sitting on the roost Dave made. They were also able to get dandelions that were peeking thru the wire. I think they will be able to stay in this for a while and we are going to put it in a box so it will be like a coop. This is a video of them flying.


Kiwi Ellen said...

Have you let them out on the grass yet? I remember our old Tomcat years back laying in the garden & the chicks climbing on him & he didnt even worry about them. They they enjoyed scratching in the grass for bugs & such & it was easy to get them back in their box too, just a handful of food did that

Helaine said...

Yes, I tried that but they could fly off so that is why the cage. As you can see in the video they can jump and fly.


Helaine said...
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