Monday, June 23, 2008

Here duck ducks

I now have a pair of Pekin ducks. They are 10 weeks old and will be laying eggs in the next couple weeks. We built a fence around the the coop so they can get bugs and weeds. They still have not gotten in the pool but I am sure they will soon and then I can take a video of them splashing around.
They are much more mellow than the chicks which almost have all their feathers. The chicks are now spending the day time out in a cage and inside the rabbit tent at night with a blanket over their cage to keep them warm.


Kiwi Ellen said...

LOL - I have to think of Old McDonald's Farm in your backyard. My parents had ducks, their eggs are very rich, great for baking too

Helaine said...

I keep hearing about how good they are for baking and can't wait to try them in something. Here a duck duck there a duck, here a chick chick there a chick chick, here a bun bun there a bun bun.....old macdonald and a farm eieio LOL


Jade said...

OMG for a minute there I thought you were talking about baking ducks! Ahhhhh.

Any eggs yet?

Helaine said...

No, eggs yet. I do have a nest box for her to use when she is ready. No, I don't think I would eat my ducks.