Monday, April 17, 2006

Spring break, the week away!

Here is a few photos from our spring break!

Amy and I at Illaya's in Sequim
Dave and Amy practicing at Crescent beach
Dave at La Push

We took the week off and spent the week up in the Port Angeles area. For the beginning of the week we had our daughter Amy with us. We spent each day at Crescent beach. Dave had just bought a new sit on top surf kayak. Amy and Dave went out her in his sea kayak with him in the surf kayak. She got around the island and splash with lots of laughing as she went over too far and fell out. So it took a few minutes but she got back in. Then they went over by the rocks he went into the surf to see how his kayak was on the waves. Then they came back in to the shore so he could help her practice different ways to get back in the boat.

Monday, Amy and I went to Sequim to see my friend Illaya. We spent some time visiting at her home and then she took us to lunch. We had a great time with Illaya but it ended too soon.

On the next day we were all out in the water with Dave getting Amy in the white water boat and the surf kayak. I was out there playing in the sea kayak. Tiny waves are fun to practice bracing on.

We took Amy back on Tuesday as she had other things she wanted to do on her break. We then went camping for 3 days at Salt Creek.

On Wednesday we went out to La Push! The waves there were great and Dave got to surf his new kayak there to see how it worked in bigger waves. He had a great time out there while I read or slept on the beach....ahhhh how nice it is to relax on the beach!!!

Thursday we spent hiking around on the beach and the trails at Salt Creek. Its a really nice camp ground even with the teenagers who were camping next to us LOL

Friday its back in town again for the Port Angeles kayak symposium! We helped out again in the morning. Then we spent time talking to Sarah and Gerry at the Washington water trails tent. We later in the day had the wild harvest class with Jennifer Hahn and Mac Smith. This was a great learning experience on how to harvest sea weeds and small shell fish.

Saturday I had the wild cookery class with Jennifer and Mac this was so much fun watching them cook up stuff from the harvesting we did the night before! Dave had some classes in the afternoon and our friend Bob came out so we were hanging out with him till the slide show that Jennifer had that night about her solo paddle through the inside passage! It was a wonderful slide show and she is a gifted story teller that I bought the book just so I could read it for myself.

Sunday we both had volunteer duty and on the water classes which we both enjoyed. We had a great week and I can't wait to do it again.


Sachi said...

Wow... I haven't been to La Push since I was a wee child.

It sure sounds like you had a lot of fun! BTW, kelp harvesting is pretty good around Blake Island.n ;-)

dawn said...

no fair you all are having to much fun with out me

zippiknits said...

Kayak surfing! I have to show this to DH. He'll love it. Sounds like you had a very lovely time. We have a Bounder and toad- a jeep. Fifth wheels are very nice, too. Have lots of fun with it!

Helaine said...

Thanks for the comments. Does your husband paddle ????