Thursday, February 16, 2006

Learning to spindle

I now have a spindle but I did not know how to use it. This lead me to looking for ways to learn how to use it before I get my shetland wool back.
So I joined the "Spindler's" yahoogroup, on there I met Heidi from The Artful Ewe. She told me of the local spinning guilds and the fact that she will have people over on Wednesday to try out spinning wheels at her place. There was going to be someone there who could help me learn how to use my spindle!!!
This was pretty cool as there was wool, books, wheels, looms and spindles everywhere I turned. I got to watch people on spinning wheels and see some different wheels in action. I got the help I needed plus some yummy wool to turn into yarn and a spindle to try out at home. So much fun and so little time to do it in.


Denise said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time and good fortune to have a guild close by.
I don't know any spinners in my area, and the local quild is 40 miles away.

vi said...

spinning is a blast
wait to you 'must have' a sheep though

vi said...

sweetie btw, I am on spindlers as well and I have been for a while