Sunday, October 10, 2010

I miss my sweetie

Its been 2 days and I miss him. Again they are saying he can come home on Monday or Tuesday. Its raining so that does not help my mood either. Amy went out to see him last night and they had a good visit. Will be going to see Julie and Rai today. We miss our little girl now that they don't live with us and she had been sick for a while so I had to stay away from her because of that. She made pictures for her Papa to have while he is in the hospital. He also got a card from Tailer that she made.

Thats all for now, happy sunday everyone!

Update: Dave makes life interesting (not) I got to bring him home but he had too much fun and had to go back to Seattle after 2 hours. Seriously his platelets were too low to clot so he had bleeding. They just keep the blood going in him to get his levels up now. He is my sweetie and I love him so much. He does keep me on my toes at times though!

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