Monday, November 02, 2009

Goat cheese

Last week end I went out to see Vicky in Hansville. She now has a creamery that she sells her goats milk from. I have been wanting to make cheese for a while so I bought some of her goats milk. Once I got all the stuff together to make it, I thought it would be easy. Well I had to email Vicky a few times. My 1st problem was this morning there was no curds just milk. Vicky suggested that I add more rennet. Which worked. So after dinner I wrapped up my curds so they can drain for a few hours. Once that is done then I can put the cheese in a container and tomorrow morning I want to add some chives and garlic. I also hope to get pictures of the finished product and have some comments on how it tastes. So stay tuned as the cheese turns :D


Turtle said...

hi, i will be meeting you on friday night at good yarn! I have been looking for someone local who sells goats milk! (for yogurt making) may ask to grab her addy from you friday if you don't mind! looking forward to meeting other fiber freaks! smile

Helaine said...

Vicky will not have goats milk till the spring some time. I will let you know when she starts selling again.