Monday, October 05, 2009

Misshelaineous stuff

Rai and I went to my friend Jeannie's grandson Korbin's 1st birthday party on Saturday. As you can see she was very tired afterwards.

Here is a couple pictures of Dave and I when we went camping on the Elwah river for 3 days. It was suppose to rain the whole time but it only did it when we were hiking out to go home.

This is a fountain that my father in law made, it is pretty cool looking and I love the sound the water makes.

This is my white rock hen who has gone broody....she has 4 rhode island red eggs under her, I am hoping they will hatch.

Here is updates on how my silkies looking. I think that the black one may be a rooster so his name stays Fred and the white one is a hen so she is staying Ethel.

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