Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Silkie chicks

I picked up these cuties in Bremerton yesterday. I thought I was bringing home 2-4 week old buff's but ended up with 3-buffs and 1 white and black 6 week old chicks. They are funny looking right now but when the feather out they should be beautiful birds.

Thanks Jason for giving me the silkies!


Anonymous said...

Do you still have any chickens for sale? Are they good for eggs and w/ kids? We will be ready for chickens the last week of August. Got in the chicken bug kind of late in the season. Would love to buy 3. If you do not have any, do you have another Kitsap resource?
Thanks, julie

Helaine said...

I sold them last week but you can do what I did go to craigslist and look for them there. Plenty of people selling chickens right now.