Sunday, July 27, 2008

My favorite chickens

Today I interduced my birds to scratch and they all went after it then I went to the back yard and gathered some of my never ending supply of weeds for them to eat.

These are my favorite chickens out of the 6 that I got from Del's. They are really growing fast! The other 3 chickens kind of look scruffy looking so I am not sure if this 3 is the hens and the other 3 are the roosters. I guess I could post their pictures on back yard chickens to find out what the experts think.

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illaya said...

Hi Helaine;

Everything looks wonderful in your pictures. The chicks certainly have grown fast. Save some of the Black Hollyhock seeds for me.
The scruffy chicks any signs of combs? I hope to have the run finished by September 1, so I will take you leftovers for sure.
Moving day is August 12. Yippey.