Saturday, May 31, 2008

Here a chick, chick..... there a chick, chick

We got chicks yesterday from Del's farm supply in Port Orchard. We got a half dozen of Amercuana chicks.
Our chicks at 3 days old.
Here is a link of what they will look like


Denise said...

they are cute! How old do they have to be before they start laying eggs? Will they run around your yard? I have you built the chicken coop yet? Oh it's like foghorn leghorn!!!
cheers, Denise

Helaine said...


My neighbor has a coop that we can use for while they are small but we may have to build or add on to it once they get to be full grown. I think they start laying in 4 months. I know that is a while to wait but it will be fun watching them grow up.

Hugs, Helaine