Sunday, February 11, 2007

Camping at Ike Kinswa

We left on Friday afternoon loaded up with our kayaks and trailer to Ike Kinswa state park. This is our 1st trip camping in our fifth wheel trailer. We had to go to Seattle the day before to pick up the racks at SRK so we could take our kayaks as we were going to meet up with some of the South Sound Area Kayakers on Saturday to paddle around Mayfield lake. According to Terry West the POC we went a total of 11 miles. It was really beautiful as there were waterfalls along the way. We had a camp site on the lake so all we had to do was put our boats in the water and meet up with them across the lake at the boat ramp. As you can see above there was a beautiful scenes from our camp site and the way we had to put our kayaks on our truck.

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